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Rhode Island Canine Search and Rescue Inc.
Monica Pritchett
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Reliance the Movie

RELIANCE is the story of Matthew Zarrella, a Rhode State Police Sergeant who
rehabilitates “pound dogs” and turns them into Search & Rescue K9’s.   We come to know
Zarrella’s extraordinary dogs and witness the transformation of his Search & Rescue
students from across the country as he molds them into certified Search & Rescue K9
Here is an interview and footage of RICSAR's Jim Rawley and his team.
RICSAR is hosting American Patriot K9 Training's Matthew Zarrella and Scott
Carlsten, both are IPWDA Master Trainers. This 4 day intermediate to Advanced
HRD seminar will take place on September 24th thru the 27th. This Seminar is one
of a kind! You will train on scenarios that are a couple of days old to over 20 years
old. You will leave more confident in your experience and knowledge!!!!
If you are interested, please email
maxdiamond@aol.com or contact me at
RICSAR President
Jim Rawley